Lifestyle guru and noted author, Kalyn Johnson Chandler, is the founder and creative force behind effie’s paper. Although she’d be lost without her iPhone,  iPad, and MacBook Pro, Kalyn sends hand-written notes to friends and loved-ones on a weekly basis. “I’m as big a fan of email and IM’ing as the next Swarovski covered iPhone-toting hipster . . . But, truth be told, I’m a paper girl. Call me old-fashioned, but there’s something about opening my mailbox and finding a handwritten note, thank you or otherwise, that trumps an email or text message any day of the week!” says Kalyn.


Stationery is a part of Kalyn’s DNA, not only was it a childhood obsession – her grandmother and company namesake, Mrs. Effie Hayes, who worked at Michigan’s Mitchell’s Greeting Card Company many years ago, was the one who introduced Kalyn to the notion of having her own personal stash of stationery for just about any occasion. effie’s paper offers a line of fine stationery that will satisfy the needs of today’s busy professional, mom or social butterfly; it’s created for those who enjoy sending and receiving beautifully-designed, hand-written notes.


Growing up, Kalyn corresponded with friends who lived all over the country. She spent hours in her favorite stationery store, Lee’s Specialty paring pretty papers with textured envelopes, colorful stickers and finding coordinating stamps. And now, effie’s paper allows us to share Kalyn’s love of stationery with others and bring back the lost art of letter writing!


What makes effie’s paper stand out from the crowd is our design aesthetic. We love bright bold color pairings so much that we’ve extended our designs to the backs of our flat note cards. Each card is like a piece of art that can be displayed and treasured for years to come. Our creative juices are flowing; stay tuned as we add new styles and designs to our ever-expanding collection.


We believe that the only thing better than receiving a hand-written note in the mail, is having the perfect stationery to write hand-written notes to friends and loved ones!


To learn more about Kalyn, check out her blog: A Stylish and Well Defined Life.